Gene Therapy Solutions

Gene Testing

Gene testing is used to identify the presence of certain genes with a person's DNA. This can be used to determine if a person contains the genes that cause genetic disorders. In cases like Huntington's disease, a person can have advance warning of the onset of the disease. In other cases, parents each with a defective recessive gene will know if their offspring has the potential to develop a genetic disorder.

There are different techniques to accomplish gene testing. One technique involves using tiny DNA strands (known as "probes"). The probe is designed to bind with specific genes in a DNA strand. By taking a DNA sample and introducing DNA probes to that sample, a scientist can determine if the DNA contains a certain gene by whether or not the probe binds to any sites within the strand.

Another technique involves a side-by-side comparison of more than one person's DNA. Genes within a person can be compared with healthy copies of those genes to determine if the person's genes are, in fact, defective.

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